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Trident Boat Covers is the leading wholesale covers manufacturer in the US and has no minimum order requirements.

Selling Made Easy ...

Selling with us is made very simple because there are no minimum orders and you receive low prices even on small quantities. Our products are shipped directly from our warehouse in the U.S. and we provide dedicated customer service.

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We understand and appreciate your drop shipping and wholesale drop ship sourcing needs. We have invaluable experience gathered through helping individuals like yourself achieve success in this competitive business, and we are committed to providing you with essential information regarding the latest Trident Covers products that will aid you in living up to your aspirations.

No Advanced Payments ...

You do not make any advance payment. First you sell the item and receive the payment from the customer. Then you send the purchase order to us and buy the cover you need. Risk free business with no investment on your part.

The Benefits of Drop Shipping:

Sell a variety of our covers from local drop shipper
No inventory needed or warehouse to maintain
Purchase wholesale products with no minimum orders
Instant Market Research on the best boat covers to sell online
Become our top distributor and seller to take advantage of lower prices